Oil Painting Master Series: Painting Clouds

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Your lessons have filled – in gaps in my understanding and technique.I do lose my connection throughout each video; that is, the video stalls a lot and then restarts.Is this a common thing? Need to know before I commit to the membership.
    John Hoag

  2. I find the videos pretty interesting, but there’s a big gap as far as I can see… Where did the colors come from? The suggested set and what was seen in the painting are not the same. I realize you can mix to them, but mixing to them is the real point of interest and there is no explanation how he got from cad red and cad yellow to an orange for the sky (assuming that was what was mixed), he just said mix an orange into the white.

  3. I guess you left out the melding of the values within the clouds so as to eliminate definite lines.I would go on to smooth out the borders of the values, but I think you showed storm clouds, where I’m thinking of those not preceding rain.

  4. I love this video on clouds. I’m a sky painter. I’m completely in this for painting skies firstly & scene second. After driving myself nearly batty sky after sky, 3 years later I see this video and it’s bang on awesome! This is excellent!! My blood pressure just went down a hundred points! Thank you!

  5. streaming this course is extremely slow, hard to bear watching it even at only 360p. I can stream faster at 720p from youtube, and that for free. I hope this will be fixed soon.

        • Hi Mary Dee,

          You may try turning off the High Definition so the video doesn’t buffer as much for you. Just scroll over the video and click on the “HD” icon to turn it off. Streaming HD video requires a strong and stable internet connection. Our videos are hosted by a third party hosting provider, Vimeo. Load times of the videos have nothing to do with the website loading times. Vimeo is considered a premium streaming service, specializing in high quality video. As a result, all videos are streamed at the highest setting possible. Changing the quality of video manually will make the video load faster. Other streaming video providers (like YouTube) automatically change the settings based on your internet connection. As a result, the quality of the video is not as good.

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