Oil Painting Master Series: Materials - Part 1

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Why use a brush – wouldn’t a “pad” painter such as found in the paint department in hardware stores make the task neater and more efficient?

    • I have found all my brushes that I used in high school ’65 – ’69 (private lessons) and in art school (which took away my love of painting and drawing for long, long time). When we dated I do not even think I tell my husband-to-be about it. When we moved out here 20 years ago he found my paint box and opened and found all my paints and brushes and asked me why he never knew I was an artist. Most of my brushes were still good because I took very good care of them. Most of my paints were a little dry. I painted and drew for pleasure at my leisure. I hated it when my husband said that I could probably sell them and supplement my income (and his). I stopped doing it, mainly because to get replacement of the oils would have cost a small fortune. I did buy the primary colors (warm and cool) and could mix most of what I wanted. When I got commissioned to paint a former HS classmate in his Army uniform, I had to buy about 3 different tubes of olive drab to do his uniform. I was told that he wanted it to be ‘spot on’. I ended up asking for him to let me borrow his bars to get them correct. Did you know they are 65 individual threads in each bar? I finally ended up pulling all the bristles but 3 in my sables to paint the bars. Thank you for the lesson on the different kinds of brushes so I can put them together and store them is a jar. I used Linseed oil to reconstitute the dry oils, only 5 of them did not need to be reconstituted. I think these were the primarily colors I did not have for the portrait of this friend. I love doing portraits. Besides oils I enjoy most medium except for Acrylics. Mainly because when I went off to art school they were not as easy to use as oils. It has been a long time since I have used watercolors. This site came in my email and I am glad that I opened it. Most of the instructors teach the way I learned. I know that I will not be able to do all the modules; but, I am trying to print them out. I am also afraid to have my work critiqued; but I sure needed help when doing what will be a housewarming gift to our children. I also have a picture of them that I want to also paint. This is the largest canvas I have ever used. About 3′ x 4′. I also want to know if ‘house paint’ will stick to a canvas or if you would need to do anything to it to use it.

  2. To be clear, you said do 2 (after placing original 4 in the middle) on either side and work with the opposite end of the one just stapled. So it would be 2 staples on side 1, 3, 2, then 4. Followed by the next 2 staples in the same order and so forth?

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