How to Download Videos

Downloading Videos

Before Downloading...

Before downloading videos, please be sure that you are aware of a few important considerations...

  • Download links for course videos and Live Lesson series are active outside of the trial period. If you are in the trial period, download links to video files are inactive until the trial period is over OR until you upgrade your account to full membership.
  • Downloaded video files are for your personal use. You are not allowed to share digital files downloaded from in any manner. This means that you are not allowed to upload them anywhere else on the internet including YouTube, class Moodles, Blackboard, etc.
  • You are downloading the video files and some of these files are very large. Please be sure that you have ample storage space on your computer or device to accommodate the files that you choose to download.
  • You are not allowed to link to or share links to protected download pages. Doing so is considered "digital distribution" and is against the terms of use.

Need a Video Player?

Most modern computers already have a video player installed and you do not need to install any additional software to play the video files. Downloadable video files are offered in .MP4 format which is a standard video format for video files. If you do need to install a video player, you may try the open source VLC player. You can download it for free here...

Downloading Video Files

The download procedure is the same for each type of video on the site. Navigate to the video page and click on the "Download" link to go to the download page for that specific video.

For free videos, navigate to the page and look for the download button under the video.


Clicking on the download button takes you to download description page with a link to go to the protected download page.


Clicking on the "Download Page" link takes you to the protected download page. In the upper right corner, you'll see a download icon - click on this button.


This reveals the different files for the video. Smaller files are lower in video quality while larger files are higher in video quality. Choose the file size that you would like to download and click on the download button beside the file description. Your download will begin.


For Live Lesson videos, navigate to the Live Lesson series of your choice. Click on the tab in the video series for the specific video that you would like to download. Under the video, look for the "Download Page" link. The rest of the downloading procedure is the same as outlined above.


For course videos, navigate to the course module that you would like to download. Under the video, in the description box, look for the "Download Page" link. The rest of the downloading procedure is the same as outlined above.



Q. Why can't I download all of the video files at one time?

A. There are close to 1000 videos on the site. In most circumstances, all of the video files would not even fit on one computer. Downloading the files, one at a time, allows you to pick and choose which videos you store in your library while managing the storage space you have available on your computer, device, or drive.

Q. Can I put these files on DVD?

A. Absolutely. You'll need to have a DVD or CD burner on your computer and software to burn the disc.

Q. My downloaded videos will not play, what's going on?

A. Downloaded video files are in .MP4 format which is compatible with nearly all computers and devices. In some cases, an outdated video player may report an error. Our suggestion is to use the open source video player at It is free to download and works great!

Q. I downloaded the file, but I don't know where it went. Where did it go?

A. On most computers, downloaded files go to your "Downloads" folder. If you want to specify the folder and location, right click on the download button and choose your file's destination. Then, go to the folder after the download and open the video.

Q. My download stopped half way. What's going on?

A. While an internet connection is not required to play downloaded files, it is required to download the files. If your internet connection is weak, then you may notice that the download fails. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection and resume your download.

Q. Can I download files to my mobile device?

A. Some mobile devices allow for direct downloads to the device. Others require you to download directly to a computer first and transfer the files to the mobile device. It is advised to download files to a computer first so that you can manage the storage space on your mobile device.