Talent is a Myth

Talent is a myth
I have been labeled as “talented” all of my life. In fact, I was actually voted “Most Talented” when I was in high school. To this day, people still view me as “talented”.

Basically, what they think, and what many people think, is that “talented” people are just born with special skills that they just weren’t born with. Hogwash! As one of these “talented” people, I am here to tell you that that is not what “talent” is. Talent is a myth!

Now why on earth would I be writing an article on how “talent” does not exist when I, myself, have been labeled as one of these special “talented” people.

Am I crazy? No, on the contrary, I am realistic. Many talents are actually skills. Skills are developed. Becoming good at any one skill takes desire and then practice. Saying that you are not “talented” is an excuse.

Let’s take art, for example. You have two small children, one that colors inside of the lines and one that doesn’t. The one that colors inside of the lines may be labeled “talented”, while the other child is told that they may just not be “talented” at art. The kid labeled as “talented” continues to draw, and what happens? They get better and better, making them more and more “talented”. The “non-talented” child finds something else. Something that they are “good at”. Eventually, they may even say, “I can’t draw.”

Let’s look at music. No one ever just picks up an instrument and is an expert at playing it. It takes practice and lots of it. It’s not a matter of “talent”, it’s a matter of desire, discipline, and practice.

It really is true. You can do whatever you want to in life, even of it is something that you have not been labeled as “talented” in. Don’t let other people’s limitations, limit you.

The word “talent” really should be looked as meaning “desire”. If you have the desire, then you can do it. No excuses.

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