Photo References for Drawing and Painting

Photo References for Drawing and Painting

Below you will find a collection of photo references that you are free to use for practicing your drawing or painting skills. You are free to download the photos and print them out if you like. Please do not redistribute these references.

I will continue to add to this list as I create photo references, so feel free to check back often as this collection will be updated.

Enjoy and if you like this collection, be sure to share this page with others that you think may benefit from it.

Still Life Photo References

Reflective References

Landscape References

Portrait and Figurative References


There a few categories that are missing right now, but as I continue to develop photo references, I will add to this list. Many of these are found elsewhere on the site, but putting them in one location is sure to help you out.

NOTE: Only photo references that I have created are included on this list. Photo references that may originate from 3rd party websites are not included here. Instead, these links exist on the respective demonstration page.

Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt, these are awesome, will be having a go at them.
    I already did those value ones_ the cones and ball thing :).
    These will be so helpful to me.

    Cheers Matt, all the best Christine 🙂

  2. Great references, the basic shapes are really helpful to see areas of contrast and shadow. Can’t wait to see more. Thank you Matt

  3. Forgot to say I used the form ones and they helped a lot for practising value :).
    Cheers Matt, these are fantastic !!!!!

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