New Feature: Certificate of Completion for Courses

Many of you have asked for it and now it’s here. Now you can save and print a personalized certificate of completion at the conclusion of any of our courses.

To save and print your certificate of completion, simply complete all of the modules from the course of your choosing and on the “Conclusion” page, click on the “Take the Quiz” button. After passing the quiz, you’ll see a link to download your personalized certificate of completion.

Why Not Sooner?

You may be wondering why this feature hasn’t been added sooner since other programs offer something similar. The answer is integrity. We wanted to make sure that there was a level of accountability associated with completing a course and that a certificate of completion from The Virtual Instructor held some credibility. We didn’t want to offer a certificate for simply playing videos without the student retaining anything of substance.

To add this level of credibility, we created quizzes for each of the courses with questions taken directly from the videos and ebooks. Upon passing the timed quiz, you’ll see a link to download your certificate.

CEUs for Art Teachers

CEUs, or “Continuing Education Units”, are required for teachers to renew their licenses in most school districts. For some teachers, especially art teachers, these credits can be hard to come by.

With our new certificate system, we wanted to address the needs of the art teachers that use our program on a regular basis. On our certificates, we’ve included a suggested value for CEUs. In most circumstances, one hour of instruction is equivalent to .1 CEU. This means that courses like The Secrets to Drawing, which includes over 5 hours of course video, may be worth .5 CEUs.

CEUS for art teachers certificate

It’s very important to note that every school system has their own system for tracking and evaluating CEUs. Some school districts have their own systems for issuing CEUs and as a result, may not consider courses that you take at The Virtual Instructor for CEUs. Please check with your system administrator to see if our courses qualify as credit for you.

However, since our courses are all taught by a qualified instructor and feature academic-based instruction that is used by art teachers across the world, our courses may provide the CEUs that you need for your subject area.

New Features Coming in the Future

We’re committed to continue providing the best program for learning and teaching art. Over the years, we’ve continually worked hard to add new features, courses, and functions without compromising our core beliefs of affordability, quality, and integrity. We’ll continue to do so as we innovate new features, learning experiences, and resources for artists and art teachers.

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Re: CEUs’
    Excellent service Matt. I know there is a lot of art teachers who appreciate your efforts. Gives one more incentive to complete the courses, also. Although I am not an academic teacher, retired nurse, and look at art more or less as a hobby – It will be an encouragement and a challenge to me to complete the course and not just give up. I did have to have CEUs’ as a nurse when I was working and I know how difficult they can be to come by. I have enjoyed your website for the past several years. You have been a God send to me. Thank you.

  2. Hi Matt, this is really good news ☺ ive often thought that you would do certificates.
    Its just, for us students its great that you can get a certificate after you have successfully worked your way through the brilliant courses.

    I think we all need recognition for what they have achieved
    Cheers Matt x

  3. Hi Matt! I believe you are currently on vacation and will return at some point during the week of July 23rd. I hope you enjoyed your time off. I was really excited when I saw your announcement about the Certificates. I had already completed the Secrets to Drawing course, so I went back and, from the Conclusion page, I clicked on the Take the Quiz link, but nothing happens. Is this Certificate only available in the US or for teachers only? Thanks.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      The studio is closed this week, but unfortunately I’m never on vacation. 🙂 The quiz will only show up if you are logged in. If you are not logged in or your session expires before you access the page, you may see a blank page. We have tested the quizzes in several browsers and they all work without issue. What browser are you using?

      1. Hi Matt! I was logged in. I will try again. I am using Google Chrome (up to date). I could send you a print screen of the page if you want. Let me know which e-mail to use.

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