Pop Art portraits in Photoshop Head

Pop Art Portraits in Photoshop


Most of us are aware of the art of Roy Lichtenstein.  Lichtenstein was an American Pop Artist that created comic-like, large paintings.  I have always been a big fan of his work.  I recently came across a great tutorial on creating a Lichtenstein inspired image from photos using Photoshop.

Melissa Clifton shows us how to create these cool images.  A link to the step-by-step tutorial on her website can be found here-> Lichtenstein Pop Art in Photoshop   This process in Photoshop will help you understand the function of  clipping masks.  Because of this, I decided to add this experience to my digital art classes.  This is a rather complex process for beginners, so I created a video tutorial to benefit my students.  I have included the video below.

Here's what my finished product looks like...

Pop Art Portraits in Photoshop

The following video shows you how to create a pop art inspired image from a photo in Photoshop...

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