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coursesOver 9 hours of video and 324 pages of ebooks. Comprehensive video courses designed with the learner in mind. Each course module features a downloadable HD video and accompanying ebook. Work at your own pace and learn on your own time.
livelessonstopLive streamed lessons each week for 1 hour.  Ask questions live! Each lesson is recorded and available to members for replay. Over 75 recorded lessons are available for replay.
downloadtopDownload every video on the site (over 300 videos) Watch without an internet connection or burn them to a DVD.
ultimatetopThe ultimate planning solution for art teachers or home schoolers. Each lesson includes presentation materials, handouts, videos, essential questions and more.

Here’s what’s included with membership…

The Secrets to Drawing Video Course

Becoming a member means that you will gain access to special video series like “The Secrets to Drawing” video course. I developed “The Secrets to Drawing” course because I recognized the need for an affordable, but complete drawing course for artists.There are plenty of programs out there that focus on just one area of drawing, but don’t really address the true essence of drawing. Any accomplished artist will tell you that once you learn what drawing is really all about, then you can draw anything!

“The Secrets to Drawing” video course addresses the true essence of drawing.

My philosophy is that anyone can draw. “Talent” is just another word for “desire”, and if you have the desire, then you CAN draw.I have used my years of teaching experience and work as an illustrator to develop a course that I am convinced will help you draw better immediately! You see, drawing is something that requires knowledge. Michelangelo is quoted as saying “A man paints (or draws) with his brains, not with his hands.” This course equips you with the knowledge that you need to draw well.

Each aspect of drawing is broken down into “easy to follow” and “easy to understand” segments complete with drawing demonstrations and commentary.

All course lessons are presented in High Definition!

Each video is presented with a corresponding illustrated Ebook that demonstrates each process and technique into easy to follow steps.

“The Secrets to Drawing” videos and Ebooks build upon each other. Each video gives you concise and clear instruction on the medium, technique, or concept covered.

“The Secrets to Drawing” is the most complete online drawing video course available for learning how to draw.

  • Video 1 – “Introduction”- An introduction to “The Secrets to Drawing” video series.
  •  Video 2 – “Line” – A look at the element of art, line and its relationship to drawing. Concepts covered include contour, blind contour, line quality, and cross contour lines.
  •  Video 3 – “Shape” – A look at how shapes can be used to draw anything. Concepts covered include geometric and organic shapes, using shapes to draw objects.
  •  Video 4 – “Form” – A look at how to create the illusion of form on a 2-Dimensional surface. Concepts covered include turning shapes into forms, using shadow to further the illusion.
  •  Video 5 – “Value” – This video takes a look at the element of art, value and its relationship with drawing. Concepts explored include tints, shades, highlights and shadows, and creating the illusion of a light source.
  •  Video 6 – “Space” – This video takes a look at how to create the illusion of space on a 2-Dimensional surface. Concepts covered include overlapping, size, value/color, detail, placement on the paper, and linear perspective.
  •  Video 7 – “One Point Perspective” – Space is explored further in this video through one point perspective. Concepts covered include horizon line, vanishing point, one point perspective.
  •  Video 8 – “Two Point Perspective” – A look at how to use two point perspective to create the illusion of space in a drawing. Concepts covered include horizon line, vanishing points, two point perspective.
  •  Video 9 – “Three Point Perspective” – A look at creating the illusion of space through three point perspective. Concepts covered include vanishing points, horizon line, steps to three point perspective.
  •  Video 10 – “Drawing Techniques” – A look at basic drawing techniques and suggested media. Concepts covered include medium, hatching, cross hatching, blending, rendering, random lines, and stippling.
  •  Video 11 – “Drawing from Life” – Tips on drawing from life. Concepts covered include still life lighting, using a view finder, and sighting techniques.
  •  Video 12 – “Drawing from Photos” – How to draw realistic drawings from photographs. Concepts covered include cropping photos, editing photos, creating a grid, drawing with the aid of the the grid.
  •  Video 13 – “Composition” – How to create successful compositions in drawings. Concepts covered include sketching thumbnails, positive and negative space, Plato’s Rule, The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Mean, eye movement, and how to create focal points.
  •  Video 14 – “Graphite” – A description and characteristics of the drawing medium, graphite. Concepts explored include graphite grades, characteristics, forms, and techniques.
  •  Video 15 – “Charcoal” – A look at the drawing medium, charcoal. Concepts covered include charcoal forms and applications.
  •  Video 16 – “Drawing with Ink” – An exploration of the drawing medium of ink. Concepts covered include ink wash, choosing the right ink, pen and ink applications with a nib pen.
  •  Video 17 – “Color” – A look at the three parts of color theory and how it influences color choices in our drawings. Concepts covered include: the color wheel, primary, secondary, tertiary, color values, color intensity, psychological effects of color, color schemes, monochromatic, complementary, color triads, color tetrads, analogous, warm, cool, split complementary.
  •  Video 18 – “Colored Pencils” – How to use colored pencils. Concepts covered include layering, mixing, building up colors, burnishing, and adding details.
  •  Video 19 – “Oil Pastels” – An exploration into the drawing medium of oil pastels. Concepts covered include layering, mixing, and landscape drawing with oil pastels.
  •  Video 20 – “Soft Pastels” – An in-depth look at the use of soft pastels in the creation of a seascape. Concepts covered include proper use of soft pastels including smudging and layering colors.
  •  Video 21 – “Facial Proportions” – A look at basic facial proportions from the front and profile views. Concepts covered include general locations of facial features and placement relationships.
  •  Video 22 – “The Eye” – An in-depth look at drawing a human eye.
  •  Video 23 – “The Nose and the Mouth” – A look at drawing the nose and the mouth.
  •  Video 24 – “The Ear” – A look at drawing the human ear with graphite.
  •  Video 25 – “Hair” – A look at drawing hair with graphite.
  •  Video 26 – “Basic Figure Drawing” – A basic introduction to figure drawing including a simple four step method for drawing a figure.
  •  Video 27 – “Foreshortening” – Drawing the figure in perspective.
  •  Video 28 – “Conclusion” – A review of the course and a plan for moving forward.
The secrets to drawing video

That’s over 5 hours of High Definition video instruction!

“The Secrets to Drawing” videos are an unbelievable value alone, but the course also includes Ebooks with each video!

Not everyone just learns from watching a video.

That’s why I added Ebooks in PDF form for EVERY instructional video in “The Secrets to Drawing” video course.

There are 178 full color pages with 498 illustrations!!!

You can watch the videos and follow along with the Ebooks while you learn and draw. Each Ebook features full color illustrations with written commentary. All of it is designed to maximize your learning.

The Ebooks come straight form the videos making them excellent workbooks for teachers or students at home!

All of the Ebooks are in PDF form and will work on any computer.

You can print them out or access them from your computer or tablet.

The Secrets to Drawing Ebooks

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“The Secrets to Drawing” course is part of membership, but if you are interested in the stand alone version of the course, it can be purchased here.


pastellandscapemasteryPLUS, you get access to all new courses like “Pastel Landscape Mastery”. “Pastel Landscape Mastery” is a members only video course on drawing landscapes using pastels. The goal of the course is to provide the student with the most comprehensive approach to drawing landscapes with pastels through easy to understand modules that include over 200 minutes (nearly 4 hours) of HD videos and 148 pages of ebooks. New videos and modules are added every two weeks until the entire course is complete.

This course consists of 15 total modules.  Each module includes a HD demonstration video and an ebook.


Live art lessonsPLUS, you get access to the newly released, “Oil Painting Master Series”. This course is designed for beginner and intermediate artists looking to get started with oil painting. This course provides an overview of the medium of oil painting and covers the concepts of materials, pre-painting fundamentals, blending oil paint, creating an underpainting, indirect and direct painting, Impressionist painting, non-traditional painting, portraiture, painting on a toned ground, painting clouds, wet into wet, knife painting, and more. This course is taught by oil painter and instructor, Ashley Bane Hurst.

This course consists of 19 total modules.  Each module includes a HD demonstration video and an ebook.


Live art lessonsPLUS, you get access to weekly Live Lessons and all of the prerecorded lessons as well! Each week a new lesson is streamed LIVE for members. It’s as close to a live class as you can get.Members are able to chat, ask questions, and make comments during the lesson.  Subject matter and media vary from week to week, but requests are encouraged!

Most lessons occur on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM EST, and if you can’t make it – No problem.  All of the lessons are recorded and posted within a few days of airing for members to stream or download.

Presently, 78 recorded lessons are available, with a new one added each week.


Live art lessonsPLUS, Members are able to download all of the videos offered at without ads. Members can download the videos to their computer and watch them without an internet connection.

Put them on a flash drive, external drive, your computer, or burn them to a DVD.  Create your own collection of lessons.

Presently, there are over 300 videos for members to download, with new videos added on a regular basis.


PLUS, you get access to “The Ultimate Lessons Plan”. “The Ultimate Lesson Plan” is a complete classroom solution for middle and high school teachers. Each lesson plan includes a description, procedures, a list of materials, introduction videos, supplemental videos, Essential Questions, PowerPoint presentations, Keynote presentations, an example of completed work, art history examples, an artwork evaluation form, printable full color handouts, and a quiz.

The first 10 lesson units (one academic semester) are available now with more to be added to comprise an entire year’s course work.

These lessons are suitable for advanced middle school students to intermediate high school students.

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“Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for your practical and clear tutorials. I have been getting back into drawing after many years of neglecting it and was feeling super depressed about how rusty I am. It has really helped my confidence to watch your videos and learn from you. For the first time in my life I have realized that drawing hands is actually totally manageable!” -Carolyn
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