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Below ("under FREE High School and Middle School ART LESSON PLANS") you will find some of the award winning art lessons plans that I use in my classroom.  I have found that these art lesson plans for secondary students allow them to reach their full potential as artists.  They give the students the confidence to succeed in art.  Be sure to think about the sequence of your lesson plans and be sure that each activity and concept builds upon the last.  A lot of these lessons can be adapted for middle school students.  So, they are not just for high school students.  Feel free to amend them to fit with the students that you teach. I am continually building this list, so check back for more, or subscribe to the newsletter to receive monthly updates.

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FREE High School and Middle School ART LESSON PLANS

Art Lesson Plans For Beginning Artists- Level One High School

Color Theory Art Lesson Plan
Clay Figures Sculpture Lesson
Crayon Etching Mixed Media Lesson Plan
Cross Contour Line Drawing Lesson Plan
Figure Drawing
Futuristic Perspective Drawing Lesson Plan
Object Self Portrait Drawing Lesson Plan
Lichtenstein Pics Drawing Lesson
Magazine Cover Design Lesson Plan
Highlight Rendering Drawing Lesson Plan 
Giant Junkfood Sculpture Lesson Plan
Relief Printing Lesson Plan
Pastel Landscape Lesson

Art Lesson Plans for Intermediate Artists- Level Two or Three High School

Pastel Portrait Drawing/Painting Lesson Plan
Pen and Ink Stippling Drawing Lesson Plan
Reverse Self Portraits Drawing Lesson Plan
Scratchboard Etching Lesson Plan
Drawing Paper Bags Drawing Art Lesson Plan
Identity Portrait Drawing Art Lesson Plan
Master Study Art Lesson Plan (Various Media)
Precisionist Abstract Drawing Lesson Plan

Art Lesson Plans for Advanced Students- Level Four or Advanced Placement

Watercolor Landscape Painting Lesson Plan
Expressive Self  Portraits Drawing Lesson Plan
Foreshortened Figure Drawing Lesson Plan
Pixel Pics Portrait Painting Art Lesson Plan
Memory Drawing Art Lesson Plan

There are a lot of sites that claim to have good art lesson plans.  Only a few actually offer good art lessons.  Here is a recommended list of valuable resources for art lesson plans on the internet...

Crayola Art Lesson Plans
KinderArt Art Lesson Plans

Ceramics and Pottery Art Lesson Plans
Incredible @rtDepartment Art Lesson Plans
National Gallery Art Lesson Plans

Here are some other noteworthy sites for free art lessons...

PaintedHeartStudio - A fun art blog that will keep you inspired.

Visit, a national directory of Canadian artists and art resources 


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