Live Lessons: "Cat" - Scratchboard

Scratchboard drawing of a cat
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This lesson series features:
4 Hours of Instruction
4 Videos

About This Lesson Series...

A four-part series on creating a scratchboard image of a cat. Part 1 provides a basic introduction to scratchboard, the thought process, and a look at the tools used by artists. Parts 2-4 walk you through the entire process of scratching away ink to reveal a representational image of a cat. This series includes over 4 hours of video instruction.

Resources for this Lesson...


Photo Reference

Finished Result

Here's what you'll need...

  • Scratchboard paper
  • Scratchboard tools or craft knife
  • Ball point pen
  • Sheet of paper

Lesson Discussion

    • Hi Raquel,

      You can pick up the scratchboard paper at any art store as well as clay board, if you prefer it. I ordered mine through Amazon – the tools as well.

    • Hi Teresa,

      Maybe. Scratchboard is fairly straight forward though. Once you know the process and how to make marks, there’s not much more to it.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’m not sure what you are asking. In this example, the photo is placed over the scratchboard and transferred with a ball point pen using pressure. The grooves made by the pen serve as the guidelines for the scratching.

  1. Beautiful work here Matt! Thanks so much for this practice session. I have seen work by a scratch board artist who also uses color in his work. He does really well also. You have me excited to get the materials to get started scratching. 🙂
    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Matt,
    I just tried to view this video and got a message that it could not be viewed due to it’s security settings. I am a paid member and was logged into the website when I tried to view the lesson.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Again,
      Disregard the above request for assistance. Appears there was some type of glitch-video lag as by the time I finished my post, the video began playing. Technology 😉

  3. Hello Matt,
    Since this is my first comment after becoming a member, I would like to start by saying THANK YOU. I discovered pen and ink here and I enjoy it a lot, especially working with nib pens. The eagle was my first, the turtle my second, and this cat is calling me to draw it.
    I like a lot the end result, but I am thinking to do it with white ink on black paper. What do you think, will I get the pure intense white or will it stay on the gray side?
    Greetings from the Netherlands

    • Hi Joyce,

      Thanks! The “whites” will not be quite as intense if ink is used, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. The brand of pen that you use and the paper will also play a role in the intensity.

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