Realistic Pencil Drawing – Introduction and Materials

Realistic Pencil Drawing: Introduction and Materials

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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll take a look at some of your options for graphite pencils, paper surfaces, and erasers.

Lesson 1 - Pencils

In this lesson, we explore the different grades of graphite and different forms of graphite pencils.

Lesson 2 - Papers

In this lesson, we look at several options for paper surfaces for drawing with graphite.

Lesson 3 - Erasers and Blending

In this lesson, we take a quick look at the four main types of erasers and blending tools.

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Realistic Pencil Drawing – Introduction and Materials — 4 Comments

  1. I have recently subscribed to The Virtual Instructor and I am impressed with how organized and how well you present the Information to teach your students.
    Buying art supplies can be a confusing thing for students as there are many brands to choose from and qualities within a brand. Trying to work with supplies that aren’t adequate is very frustrating.
    Could you create a recommended list of supplies to purchase that lists the Company and the exact line of the item in particular to purchase. I think that would be a great help to beginners like myself.

Lesson Discussion