Member’s Minute February 25, 2015


  • An introduction to "The Member's Minute" including how to upload your art for critique and how to ask a question through Speakpipe.
  • Questions are answered on a possible acrylic painting course.
  • An oil pastel drawing is critiqued.
  • A quote from Salvador Dali

Question or Critique?

Welcome to The Member's Minute

Welcome to the very first "Member's Minute", a weekly video that features inspiration, answers to your questions, and critiques of member submitted art. "The Member's Minute" is designed to help you more directly with your growth as an artist and allows me the chance to connect with you on a more personal level.

Here's how to participate...

1. Ask your Question - In the box below, you can record a question straight from your computer or device. Just click the button and start recording. (If you are on a tablet or mobile device, click on the link below to record your message.)

You are on a tablet or mobile device. Click here to record your message.

2. Upload your art for a critique (optional) - If you are interested in a critique, you can include a work of your art. It may be featured in "The Member's Minute". Fill out the boxes below with your name and email address. Type "Critique" in the subject line. Then, under "Attachment", choose your image file and upload it. (Please make sure to keep your image files under 1 MB.) *Be sure to click the submit button when you have filled out all of the fields.

Your voice and/or your artwork may be featured

Please note that by sending me a voicemail message and/or uploading your artwork, you are allowing me to share it publicly as part of the "The Member's Minute" broadcast. Not all artworks or messages will be featured.

Upload work that you created

Do not upload any work that you did not create. You are responsible for your submission.

Lesson Discussion

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