The Member's Minute: Episode 477

In this episode, we critique a pastel pet portrait by Sonia.

Lesson Discussion

  1. Matt,
    I thank you so very much for your valuable critique and for taking the time to look at this piece. I will definitely add everything you noted including the signature. I have learned so very much with your wonderful lessons and your guidance. Also the forum’s members have been encouraging, positive, and honest. Thank you all!

    Sincerely Sonia
    Thanks again

  2. Hi Sonia,
    So glad you sent this in for the Members Minute. It is a wonderful drawing !!!
    The fur, the colors, the dog tag – I love all of it.

    Terri Robichon

    • Terri,

      Thank you for always being so supportive. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have sent it. It’s equally exciting and nerve racking waiting for what Matt has to say!!

  3. Hello Sonia,

    You did a beautiful job on this adorable dog. I want to say puppy because of the playful expression he/she has.

    As always, Matts critique was so helpful for me, and all of us. I always learn so much and am thankful that you shared this so we could enjoy it and learn from your artwork..

    Again, Wonderful job!


  4. Sonia,

    I’m not sure you will even see this comment since I’m a few days late in watching the critique, but here goes. I think you did a wonderful job! White fur is a challenge to draw because it’s not really white. I like the way you captured it. I’m also impressed with the paws and tags. I like to draw dogs and cats and some paws are more difficult than others for me. It’s also tough to make the tags look metallic, which you did very successfully. (I like to put the name of the pet on the tag, even if it’s not in the reference photo). Matt does such a good job of pointing out things we could change and he mentioned your background. I happened to like the grey tiles, but found his suggestion of a different color like Terra Cotta very interesting. Sometimes I struggle with the background more than I do the subject!

    Thanks for posting!

    Bill Potts

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