Live Lessons: Marsh Landscape with Pastels

Marsh Landscape Painting with Pastels on PastelMat Paper
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This lesson series features:
6 Hours of Instruction
6 Videos

About This Lesson Series...

In this lesson series, we create a drawing of a marsh landscape with pastels. Pastels are applied to develop the landscape from the top to the bottom of the picture plane. This order is important due to the opaque characteristics of pastels. We can layer over the top of applications already in place.

Lesson 1 (1:07:54)

In lesson one, we develop the sky and establish the distant trees on the horizon.

Lesson 2 (1:08:43)

In lesson two, we work down below the horizon and begin developing the marsh.

Lesson 3 (1:02:45)

In lesson three, we continue work on the upper middle ground and add the tall trees on the right side of the picture plane.

Lesson 4 (1:03:04)

In lesson four, we develop details in the middle ground using pastel pencils.

Lesson 5 (1:04:47)

In lesson five, we reach the bottom 1/3 of the picture plane, continuing to develop the details of the grasses.

Lesson 6 (1:11:08)

In lesson six, we complete the drawing.

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Finished Result

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt, I had some trouble with Kidney stones myself. after a few months of tests and ultrasounds it turned out to be my parathyroids. After having two of the four removed all is well.

  2. Dear Matt,

    I just finished this wonderful landscape. Had a great time and the with your explanations, my version turned out great. My husbands wants me to get it framed.

    Thank you so much for amazing hours,

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