Live Lessons: "Lizard Man" - Pen and Ink

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This lesson series features:
9 Hours of Instruction
9 Videos

About This Lesson Series...

In this lesson series, we create a drawing of a composite image of a lizard man on a sofa with pen and ink.

Lesson 1 (1:07:17)

In lesson one, we look at how the photo reference was created and discuss our plan of action for this piece. We then begin drawing the subject with graphite using a grid.

Lesson 2 (1:04:41)

In lesson two, we begin with pen and ink applications starting with the head of the lizard man.

Lesson 3 (1:03:26)

In lesson three, we complete the head and begin work on the clothing.

Lesson 4 (1:09:23)

In lesson four, we continue work on the clothing.

Lesson 5 (1:05:30)

In lesson five, we work down the body and complete the clothing.

Lesson 6 (1:06:41)

In lesson six, we finish off the shoes and begin work on the couch.

Lesson 7 (1:08:13)

In lesson seven, we begin addressing the texture of the wall and the lamp.

Lesson 8 (1:03:38)

In lesson eight, we complete the lamp and begin work on the floor.

Lesson 9 (1:17:54)

In lesson nine, we complete the drawing by addressing the rug and the pictures on the wall.

pen and ink drawing of a lizard man

Resources for this Lesson...

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Photo Reference

Finished Result

Here's what you'll need...

  • Smooth Bristol Paper
  • 2H or H Graphite Pencil
  • Technical Drawing Pens or Nib Pens
  • Bottled Ink (if using nib pens)
  • Kneaded Eraser

Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt. Being unable to watch on Wednesdays, I catch up on these lessons when I can.

    Watching as you moved around the head of Iguana in Lesson 2, I looked at some Micron pens that I have that are Sepia shade ink in .003mm and .005mm. Is the use of these sepia pens along with the black pens considered impure from a pen and ink perspective? I used these when doing pen and ink tree branches and the sepia color along with the black gives a nice blend of value.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m not a purist. I believe you should do whatever is necessary to produce the art that you want to make. If you like the look of the different colors, then go for it.

  2. Matt my husband got his second shot with no problems. I on the other hand had a very difficult time with fever, headache, and achey all over. If I worked I would not have been able to do so the following day. I’m glad though that I can start to get back to a normal life. Well still wear mask but not in fear of catching it. Good luck!

  3. My wife and I both got the 2nd shot of Moderna. We felt a little sore for about a day after. No big problem at all. Two weeks after we had blood drawn to check and we both showed antibodies. That is, of course, a positive outcome.

  4. I just finished my Lizard Man and could not be prouder of myself. It’s my first pen and ink drawing and I used a dip pen and acrylic ink. Thank you so much, Matt. I am infinitely grateful for your instruction.

  5. Hi, there was a discussion re castingt to TV, could I also mention a facility within Win-10 to use a ‘wireless display’ – basically casting within windows. It casts the screen, doesn’t matter which browser is being used.

    Great lesson – I’m on my second pena dn ink – just finished a tree from your other lesson.

    Your lessons are great – they’ve helped me enormously


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