Jungle Path with Acrylics: Background Trees

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Lesson Description

In this lesson, we'll loosely paint in the canopy of trees in the background and gradually refine the details.

Lesson Materials

Gessoed panel, HB graphite pencil, nylon brushes, water, and acrylic paints.

Lesson Resources

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Reference Image

Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful painting. Do you leave each layer to dry before adding the next one? Also I have a question about the material. Would this painting work on a canvas board? Or is that too textured for it?

  2. Thanks a lot for teaching and sharing the treasured techniques. The depth of green painting color. I have a question that do we have to wait after each painting, and what Colours do we use in shading greenish red, greenish slightly yellow, and bluish leaves. And what is the amount of water we use in mixing paints.

  3. I had asked some questions,on color mixing in lesson two, but when I saw the lesson three I got all the answers, thanks a lot.

  4. Matt it’s difficult to capture the background view from my perspective because I only can see what your adding to the canvas. It would be helpful if I could view the entire art project as we go along. Am I suppose to just watch the segment only. Also, it would be helpful to stop the segment and view the art project without having to leave the segment. I’m little frustrated at this point.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Are you referring to the photo reference? If so, you can open it up by clicking on the resources tab above, then click on the reference image link. You can have it open on your computer right next to the video if you like.


  5. Speaking for myself, this is way beyond my skill level. I’d have to already know how to do acrylic painting to even have a chance of making this superb painting. Do you have the thirteen hour video? I’d stand a chance if I had that to follow along with.
    Really, there are at least six or seven sections of this painting I would need to do individually – and then I’d have a go about piecing them all together with a fresh start.

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