Drawing Exercises

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Drawing Exercises
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A series of drawing exercises designed to improve drawing skills and observation. Blind contour line drawing, continuous line drawing, non-dominant hand drawing, and drawing subjects in motion are all explored in this challenging, but enlightening hour of instruction. Are you ready for a challenge?

  • Drawing paper or sketchbook
  • Graphite drawing pencil
  • Ink pen


Drawing Exercises — 5 Comments

  1. I’m a rank novice and found these exercises a little awkward (and I confess, a bit nerve-wracking), but they were fun too. I think my biggest problem so far is the nervous I feel about putting pencil (or pen) to paper before drawing starts and that makes me procrastinate way, way too much. But I really appreciate your videos, lessons and ebooks/exercise pages!!! You are a very good teacher as well as an outstanding artist. (And I say that as a retired school teacher as well as a former Master Instructor in the U. S. Air Force.)

  2. I’m also an absolute beginner. What I found amusing and interesting with the horse activity was that my first reaction was to start drawing the horse from the head whereas you started from the back!!

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