The Charcoal Drawing Course: Portrait

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Lesson Description

In this module, we create a portrait drawing with white charcoal on black paper.

Lesson 1 - Materials and Transfer

In this lesson, we look at the materials and surface used and transfer contour lines to the drawing paper.

Lesson 2 - Thinking in Reverse

In this lesson, we begin applying white charcoal in a controlled manner.

Lesson 3 - Developing Value

In this lesson, we continue to apply white charcoal, manipulating the applications with a blending stump and erasers.

Lesson 4 - Completing the Drawing

In this lesson, we complete the drawing by addressing the hair of the subject.

Portrait with white charcoal on black paper

Lesson Materials

  • 2H Graphite Pencil
  • White Compressed Charcoal Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Vinyl Eraser
  • Electric Eraser
  • Blending Stumps or Tortillions
  • Coal Black Strathmore Artagain Drawing Paper

Lesson Resources


Photo Reference

Finished Drawing

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Sorry I had a crazy year. Mini stroke in February lost eyesight in my right eye. Carotid surgery was healing nicely and the middle of May broke out was shingles lasted for about eight weeks. Hopefully get back into your wonderful art classes soon.

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