Basic Photoshop for Artists: Understanding Layers

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Lesson Discussion

  1. While doing module #2 I forgot to deselect the finished elliptical shape before doing the square one. Interestingly, the gray fill elliptical shape wound up with a ring around it the color of the square marquee magenta fill done next. It wasn’t until I watched this layers video that I realized that I forgot to deselect the elliptical one. The effect of the oversight was very interesting and seems to have some artistic value itself. This layers video is really helpful. I have been able to work some of it and have to go back to work the drop tool that isolates the drop as another layer. I am looking forward to the save work video. I barely grasp the jpg & psd versions and saving the layers. I tried to save a copy to open with my Pc photo slideshow to review my work from each module but the multiple layer seems a little different from saving module #2.

  2. Thank you very much for the PhotoShop lessons I am on the third video and it has shown me the much useful ways I can use PhotoShop and put more creativeness in my work. I am enjoying every moment so far. thank you Matt

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