Basic Photoshop for Artists: Thumbnail Sketching

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Lesson Discussion

      • I understands his question – and I would like to know this as well: from the very start of the video you have the reference picture to the left and beside to the right a white squared space onto which the thumbnails are added. How can we create this white space beside the picture?

  1. I am trying to understand your video and your e-book and I am totally lost. I’m usually pretty good with software, but not this. You never tell us how to create the white space that contains the photo reference on the left side of it. I’ve backed the video up multiple times in order comprehend it, but to no avail. I figured out on my own how to create the white space (File-New), but I don’t know how to the get photo reference into the white space. In fact, this whole course has been a struggle for me. I think I’ll try the tutorials that Adobe offers.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your comments. You may check out Module One of this course where we discuss opening up a new file and Module 5 where we discuss copying and pasting. We cover both of the issues you are having trouble with in those modules.

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