Basic Photoshop for Artists: Saving Files - Conclusion

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt. While saving in jpeg format there were 3 options.
    Baseline (“Standard”)
    Baseline Optimized

    Which one does one use and why?

  2. This is the best photoshop for artists (I am an oil painter) that I have taken. I have been overwhelmed with other classes I tried. There are too many features to learn and I did not need all of it for my work. The lessons are concise, just enough for an artist to get going, examples are great, explanations are clear, and the downloadable ebooks will help me remember the lessons. THANK YOU MATT

  3. Thank you, Matt! I’ve been using PhotoShop for years, but just stumbling along on my own, trial and error. If I’d had your course when I started, I’d have saved myself MUCH frustration and many, many hours.

  4. This is the hardest course so far for one reason. Here, in my country, Photoshop is not free, so I was obliged to download its free competitor, GIMP. However, I could not change the language of GIMP into English, and I had to translate all of Matt´s information into GIMP´s preset language, Spanish. Also, I could not find all of Photoshop´s tools in GIMP. However, thanks for the course.

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