Basic Photoshop for Artists: Cutting and Pasting Part 2

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I watched this 4 times. The one thing I would have benefitted from, I believe, is before and after, side by side comparisons on, primarily, the color adjustments. You went “wow, that’s much better”, and I could not see it. Having said that, I will set out to do that on the paste I did following module #5 as I make those adjustments following part 2 here. I need to train my eye to those subtle distinctions. These training modules are very good. Paced well and so easy to replay to get the sense of the progression. Watching the shadow layer and setting up a second after coloring

  2. Hi Matt,

    You eyeballed the size of the young lady when you decreased her size. Are there some concrete clues to as to how tall she should be? (I guess a perspective question) which may be useful as an additional module.

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