Basic Photoshop for Artists: Cutting and Pasting Part 1

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Blur, erase, & refine have me a little confused in terms of their separate functions. My cut & paste object is an egg so it should be easier. One question about the decontaminate color… what if your subject is lower in value than the paste photo? Was a little confused about the parameters of the decontaminate. I feel like I need more explanation about that. It appeared in video to be a “brightness” adjustment. I was putting a lower value egg into a bowl with eggs under brighter and more direct light. Perhaps the white eggs value & highlight adjustments come in part #2.

    • Margaret J,
      That happens when you composite images. The subject inserted is almost always going to be a different color than that of the background. The key to making this easier is to find images shot under as close to the same light and direction as possible. Once inserted you then change the contrast and make color adjustments as necessary. I suggest changing the contrast and color of the inserted to match the background rather than changing the background to match the inserted images. Google “color matching composite images” to start. Hope this helps.

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