Basic Photoshop for Artists: Basic Layouts

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Matt, I am really a novice with Photoshop. I downloaded Photoshop CC, which was the most basic entry level one I could find. My initial screen does not look like yours—Basic Layouts. Mine just has a big white square on a black background. I cannot figure out how to get the screen with the title ‘Basic Layouts’ at the top. Help! What do I do?

  2. Matt I do not have Photoshop. I did have photoshop elements but found it too complicated so deleted it from my computer. I am trying Gimp instead which is a free program and comes with a HUGE book of instructions. Have you any idea whether this program is compatible with your course? If not, is it worth investing in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements as I really struggle with this side of photo editing and was delighted to see that you have a course on the subject.

  3. I also cannot find the same one Matt has, I’m in Australia and noticed on my search that it’s only available in USA, the photoshop cc, so alas we can’t get it as a free or cheap download, not even sure if we paid for the expensive proper one we would be able to access it, unfortunately it’s out of my price range.
    Will we still be able to follow along or not, without it? I only just joined tonight, bit of a waste of money if I can’t use photoshop.

    • Hi Diane,

      Adobe Photoshop is unfortunately not free. It is a professional graphics tool. It is, however, not nearly as expensive as it used to be and is very widely used. The techniques and processes explored in this course apply to most, if not all, versions of Photoshop.The only exception is Photoshop Elements which is a very “watered down” version of Photoshop and not considered for professionals. The “CC” in Photoshop CC stands for Creative Cloud. It is part of their subscription service, which may or may not be available in countries outside of the United States. But, if any version of Photoshop is available in your country, then the techniques that we discuss can be applied.

  4. HI Matt,

    I’m guessing that if one learned this Adobe Photoshop CC, learning how the rest of the graphics software out there would be easier, am I right?

  5. Hi, Matt,
    I have PS version 22.3.0 which I understand is the latest version. Some of the screens in this video, like the Layouts and the Preset Details don’t seem to correspond with what I have. Should I be using a different version?

    • Hi Susan,

      No, you can use the version that you have. The layouts settings are found under “Window” > “Workspace” > then you can choose what layout you wish. The preset details are generally the same, but the way they are presented are just a little different. Each time Photoshop updates, they may change some of the user interface, but the actual settings usually don’t change that dramatically.

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