How to draw a circle head

How to Draw a Circle


It is important for any artist to know how to draw a circle. A circle is one the basic shapes, along with the square and the triangle. 

One secret to drawing is that drawing objects starts with drawing shapes.  Anything that is rounded will depend on drawing circles.  The problem is many people have difficulty drawing circles. I think this is because people are approaching the concept incorrectly.  You see most people draw with their wrist.  So, when drawing circles they approach it the same way.  This causes distortion in the drawing.

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Your wrist doesn't have the ability to rotate the way that you need it to to draw a good circle.  Instead, you should focus on drawing with your shoulder when you draw a circle.  Hold your wrist and forearm steady while you rotate from your shoulder.  In fact, you should rotate several times above the paper then slowly bring your arm towards the paper.  Then draw several circles lightly on the paper.  This will result in a better circle. 

This may take some practice, but after a few tries, you will be drawing great circles.

The following video demonstrates how to draw a circle...


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