How to create a shooter video game step 6 title screen head

How to Create a Shooter Video Game in Adobe Flash- Part 6


How to Create a Video Game using Action Script 2.0 Part 6-Adding a Title Screen

In the first part of this video series on how to create a shooter style video game in Adobe Flash, we created our main characters, made them move, and shoot. In the second part, we animated our characters.  In the third part, we animated our background.  In the fourth part of the video tutorial series, we added our lives, score, and Game Over.  In the fifth part of the tutorial, we added sounds.  

The last step is to add a title screen to our game.  This simply requires moving our frames over by one.  Drawing our title screen on a new blank keyframe, adding a button, and adding a couple of stops to our actionscript.

The video below describes how to add a title screen to our shooter style video game.  The stop action that you need to add to the first and second frames is...


Here's how to add a title screen to your shooter style video game...

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