Drawing Tips – The Winner

Drawing tips - the winner
Thank you for all of the fantastic drawing tips that were made as comments on the post on the Veronica Winters Interview. If you haven’t had a chance to read all of them, you ought to take a look at the collection that developed. There were quite a number of great drawing tips that were posted and all of them will help you on your way. I wish that I had enough books to give away to everyone who commented. However, I only have one. So, after reading all of the comments, and considering each one carefully, I have made a decision on the winner.

And the winner is…Mary Beth Harrison.

Here’s her drawing tip…

“My tip is to allow yourself to make mistakes and create drawings you will never want to look at again. Do not put pressure on yourself to make every drawing worthy of framing or selling. By allowing myself to try new techniques or attempt drawings that may be beyond my skills, I have learned so much and always feel eager to draw or paint, knowing that there is no pressure to ‘succeed’ but just to enjoy the moments spent in creating, no matter the result.”

I think what Mary Beth says here is very important. New artists sometimes put unnecessary pressure on themselves to create amazing drawings every time they sit down to draw. This just doesn’t happen. Even experienced artists create drawings that they’d rather not share with anyone else. When new artists experience these “failures”, they often become discouraged, and some even stop drawing all together, even it’s something that they really love to do. The pressure to succeed can be a burden, but it shouldn’t be.

Instead, we should approach drawing as a journey. Each drawing that you create is a step towards your destination. Learn from the drawings that you create but don’t dwell too much on them. Allow the mistakes that are made and welcome them as growth and development. Don’t be afraid to make them and experiment as much as you can. This is where development happens.

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For her drawing tip, Mary Beth will receive a copy of Veronica Winters’ instructional book entitled, “Master Realist Techniques in Colored Pencil Painting in 4 Weeks: Projects for Beginners”.

Colored Pencil Book - Veronica Winters

Veronica Winters’ Instructional Book

You can pick up a copy for yourself, and check out Veronica’s other instructional tools by visiting her website here.

Look for more contests, prizes, and giveaways here on the blog this summer.

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