Cymatics – The Art of Sound

Cymatics - the art of sound
Cymatics is a relatively new science that explores the unseen world of frequencies.  It is the visual representation of the audio world.  Dr. Hans Jenny has studied this field and is considered the “Father of Cymatics”.  

His experiments concluded that sound frequencies are not in a state of chaos, but instead a highly structured and organized schema.   This phenomenon  was first observed by Robert Hooke who noticed that sound frequencies can be translated into visual representations.  

Cymatics is somewhere between science and art.  The imagery produced from the creation of a Cymatics rig can be stunning but the science behind it is equally intriguing.  

I built a Cymatics rig in my classroom and shared the experience with my students. I was able to capture some cool images.

Cymatics Art Image 1
Cymatics Art Image 1
Cymatics Art Image 2
Cymatics Art Image 2

I took the process one step further and discovered that if you add corn starch to the water at the right consistency to create a Non-Newtonian fluid, you can create a sculptural creature that morphs with the frequencies.

You have to play with the mixture until it flows like a liquid, yet feels like a solid to the touch. You also will have to play with the frequency to find the right place for your monster to appear.

Here are some more resources to help you get started…
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