Flash Lesson - How to Create Transparent Buttons

by Matt Fussell in Animate

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Creating interactive content is one of the main purposes of Flash.  In order for there to be any interactivity, there must be some way for viewers to have some input.  This input can come from a variety of factors, but more often than not, it comes from the creation and implementation of buttons.

Creating buttons in Flash is rather easy. Great Flash content can found all around us on the web.  Learning how to be creative with your creation of buttons is one way to set your Flash content apart from the others. The key to creating great interactive content with buttons is dependent on your creativity.  You are only limited by what you can dream. 

Transparent buttons are buttons that are created in a Flash file, but may not be obvious. That is, until scrolled over with the mouse.  Transparent buttons allow the designer the ability to put buttons "inside" of an image file.  By understanding how to create transparent buttons, you maximize what you can do with your creativity. 

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