Illustrator - How to Use the Paintbrush Tool (Basic)

by Matt Fussell

One of the most dynamic tools found in Adobe Illustrator is the paintbrush tool. Learning to use the paintbrush is a must for anyone wanting to be successful in Adobe Illustrator. There are a variety of brushes that are available in Illustrator and countless others that may be downloaded and added.  You can even add your own custom brush in Illustrator.  The options for the paintbrush tool are unlimited. 

The paintbrush tool is one of the tools found in the tools palette.  It works in a similar way to the pencil tool, in that you click and drag the path.  You can even apply the brush stroke to a pre-determined path.

  The following video art lesson illustrates the basic properties of the paintbrush tool in Adobe Illustrator.  This video gives you the basics. By expanding on the basics, you can be creating awesome images quickly.  By using the paintbrush tool and options you can create vector images that are quite complex. With practice you can become an Illustrator master.

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