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Please check out a few of these FAQs...

Site Navigation

This series of videos highlights logging in, navigating the website, downloading ebooks and videos, and how to use the membership program...

How to Reset Your Password

The following video illustrates the steps for reseting your password...

Some email providers decide to block automated emails like the one that you request when you try to reset your password. You may first check your SPAM or Promotions folder and see if the email is there.

If you still do not see the email to reset your password, you may need to "whitelist" emails from the domain "".

Of course, we'll be glad to reset your password manually for you as well. Just let us know using the button below and we'll be glad to help!

All videos are presented in High Definition by default. If your internet connection is unstable or slower, you may experience "buffering". You can disable High Definition streaming by scrolling over the player and clicking the "HD" icon.  This will turn High Definition off and the video will play without buffering.

Check to make sure that you are not on a shared connection, like at a library or a school. uses video servers at If your shared connection has blocked, then you are likely to see a black screen. If this is the case, speak with your system administrator and request that be unblocked.

The forum is free and runs on a completely different database, therefore your membership account is not tied to the forum at all. You'll need to create a new account on the forum and accept the terms and conditions to post your comments and art.

Your membership is a subscription that automatically bills your account.  You can cancel this automatic payment at any time by following these directions.  You will still have access to the membership section for your entire term period after your last payment.  (It is your responsibility to cancel recurring payments.)

If You Paid Through PayPal...

How to cancel...

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Click the Profile icon next to "Log Out" near the top of the page.
  • Click  Preapproved Payments.
  • Find payments to "matthew fussell", "", or "Membership at" and click on the link.
  • Click the "Cancel" link under subscription details.

For more information on canceling PayPal subscription payments please visit this page.

If You Paid with a Credit Card (Not through PayPal)...

To cancel your recurring payments that were made using a credit card (not through PayPal) follow this link and click on the cancellation button. Be sure that you are logged in before accessing this page.

Your subscription is set to automatically renew each year unless you have cancelled your subscription or recurring payments. Sometimes, your bank information or card changes or expires causing your subscription to lapse. To renew, log in as you normally would. On the login screen, you will see a message stating that your subscription has ended. There will be a link with directions explaining how to renew your subscription.

You are not allowed to distribute any of the videos on this site on any other site or in any other form. This includes "online classes", Google Classroom, Canvas, etc. This is strictly prohibited and illegal.

You are allowed to use our resources (videos and ebooks) with students that you are teaching in a physical classroom. This means that you can show our videos to students as part of your instruction.

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