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Remote Learning
Perfect for Remote Learning
Your students, our program.

Students can log in and access all of our courses, Live Lesson series, critiques, ebooks and more. Simply copy and paste the urls of the pages that you want to share with your students. Post the urls into Google Classroom, Canvas, or any other online platform to safely share hand-picked lessons of your choice.

Rest assured that your students will be learning from the best online art instruction designed for learners ages 13 and up.

One Log In
Just one account for ALL of your students.

Student accounts are managed under one account controlled by the teacher or administrator. No need for students to enter an email address or create a username - you control it all.

This system makes it easy for your students to use. One username and password - clean and simple.

Student Log in
Affordable Bulk Pricing
All the benefits of full membership at a fraction of the price.

Student memberships are offered at discounts up to 90% off the regular price. The more students you have, the lower the price per user.

Student Memberships Pricing
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