Basic Photoshop for Artists: Photoshop simplified for traditional artists.

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About this Course

"Basic Photoshop for Artists" is a video course that shares the basic knowledge that is required for a traditional artist to use Photoshop to meet their needs. It is designed with the artist in mind - someone who knows that the program can bring an added advantage to their art creation process but may be intimidated by the thought of getting started with an overwhelming program like Photoshop. It is designed for the beginner and no assumptions are made. Each of the processes covered are simplified and straight forward with all of the complexities removed. (Basic Photoshop for Artists uses Adobe Photoshop CC.) (*This course is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Adobe Systems Incorporated.)

What You'll Learn:

  • Basic Layout and Creating a New File. An introduction to the basic layouts and locations of palettes and tools in Photoshop.
  • Basic Selection Tools. Selection tools make up a large percentage of the tools available in Photoshop and are used frequently.
  • Understanding Layers. How to create new layers, delete and arrange them, and use them in Photoshop. Layer transparency is also covered.
  • Cropping Images. How to crop images using the crop tool in Photoshop.
  • How to copy subjects from one image and place them into another image.
  • Adjusting Colors. A look at using layer adjustments to change the color and tone of an image.
  • Removing subjects from an image with Photoshop using the Clone Stamp tool
  • Removing subjects from an image with Photoshop using the Content Aware Move Tool.
  • Creating a Grid. A look at laying a grid over a photo reference in a printable form for use with a traditional drawing or painting.
  • Isolating Values. A look at isolating tones in a photo reference to make recognition of values easier.
  • Brush Basics. The basics of using brushes in Photoshop. The brush tool is explored as well as an overview of the brush dynamics and creating your own custom brushes.
  • How quickly and easily thumbnail sketches can be developed with Photoshop.
  • Editing photos of traditional art to make it look its best for sharing with patrons or clients.
  • Saving files in various formats and the advantages and disadvantages to each.

Course Curriculum


Not all of us prefer to learn from watching videos. Some of us prefer to learn from books as well as videos, so ebooks are included as well. This course has been developed to accelerate learning by teaching to many different learning styles. Each course module includes an illustrated ebook that corresponds with the video. Every step and concept is clearly illustrated and described in each ebook.

What Students Say

"Great - I like how you teach in a very easy way that anybody can follow you. Thank you" -Maria

"Thank you very much for the Photoshop lessons I am on the third video and it has shown me the much useful ways I can use Photoshop and put more creativeness in my work. I am enjoying every moment so far." -Jimmie

"These training modules are very good. Paced well and so easy to replay to get the sense of the progression." -Margaret

Get ALL of our courses, ebooks, live lessons, critiques, lesson plans and more today.