How to Create a Simple Slide Show in Adobe Flash

by Matt Fussell in Animate

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Creating a slide show in Flash is a bit more complicated than just throwing some transitions in between images.  Many video editing programs allow you to create slideshows fairly easily.  While it is a bit more complex in Adobe Flash, you have more control over your transitions- a lot more control. 

Slide shows are a great way to introduce a body of artwork or to introduce a website visitor to what your company is about.  You really can make them as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Adding music and interactivity with buttons can improve your slide shows even more.

In this lesson, I show how to create a simple slide show in Adobe Flash with just three images.  You can make your slide show longer or switch up the transitions.  For this lesson, I show you how to do a standard fade in then fade out transition.  While it seems complex at the start, the more you use this effect, the easier it gets. 

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