Adobe Flash Lesson - How to Create Interactive Buttons

by Matt Fussell

Interactivity is one of the best attributes of Adobe Flash CS4.  It allows viewers of dynamic content created in Flash, the opportunity be an active part of a presentation, animation, game, or portfolio. In order to take advantage of the interactivity available to designers in Flash, you must know how to create interactive buttons. 

You can turn anything into a button, so be sure to be creative when you are designing them.  It can be an image, a shape or even a little animation. You can create your custom buttons in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and import them into the Flash library.  You really are only limited by your creativity. 

Not want to make custom buttons?  No problem.  Adobe Flash includes a premade button library.  These premade buttons can be found by going to "Window"->"Common Libraries"->"Buttons".  Just drag the button to the stage.  You can even edit the button if you want. 

The featured video tutorial shows you how to create interactive buttons in Adobe Flash CS4.

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