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Adobe Flash CS4 Lesson- How to Create Dynamic Interactive Buttons


Interactivity is one of the best attributes of Adobe Flash CS4.  It allows viewers of dynamic content created in Flash, the opportunity be an active part of a presentation, animation, game, or portfolio. In order to take advantage of the interactivity available to designers in Flash, you must know how to create interactive buttons. 

Creating buttons in Flash is not hard.  All it takes are a few clicks, a couple of action scripts, and some creativity on your part.  I have seen some great Flash content on the web that takes full advantage of the creation of buttons.  The key to creating great interactive content with buttons is dependent on your creativity.  You are only limited by what you can dream. 

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Creating dynamic interactive Flash buttons is easy as well.  All it takes are a few extra steps to add animation and sounds to your buttons to help make your interactive work stand out from the rest. Adobe Flash features a sound library that you can use.  Go to "Window"-> "Common Libraries"->"Sounds" to find the sound library.  You can also import any of your own sounds to the library by going to "File"->"Import"->"Import to Library".  Open your library and pull your sound to the stage on the frame you want the sound to be heard.

Don't want to make your own buttons? There are premade buttons in Adobe Flash for you to use and edit.  Just go to "Window"->"Common Libraries"->"Buttons" to find the premade buttons.  Drag the button to the stage, and enjoy.  Remember, using the premade buttons limits you.  I would suggest trying your hand at making your own dynamic Flash buttons.

The featured video art lesson shows you how to create dynamic interactive buttons in Adobe Flash CS4.


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