How to create gradients in Illustrator Head

Adobe Illustrator- How to Use the Gradient Tool


One of the dynamic tools available to artists and designers in Adobe Illustrator is the gradient tool. The gradient tool is used to create a variety of effects and illusions and should be a tool that every beginner learns how to use.    The gradient tool may be a bit difficult when you first use it.  But once you become more comfortable with it, you will use it all of the time.  In fact, with a little practice, the gradient tool can become your best friend.

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The following video tutorial illustrates how to use the gradient tool in Adobe Illustrator to create gradients.  The video only gives you the basics. Practice on the basics to develop your skills.  The gradient tool in Illustrator is quite different from the gradient tool in Photoshop.  Since Illustrator is a vector-based program,the gradient tool functions on a different set of parameters.  Use the gradient tool to create complex and interesting images in Illustrator by layering vector objects with varying degrees of opacity.  It is possible to bring an image to photorealistic levels by using the gradient tool effectively.


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