Art Fundamentals

The basic building blocks for creating great art.

It is important for all artists regardless of experience or skill to have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of art. These fundamentals are the basic building blocks for creating successful works of art. These foundations are based on knowledge, that when applied to practice, result in improved skill and artistic expression.

Below you'll find links to pages that explore the fundamentals of art including the elements and principles of art and design, the interactive color wheel - for understanding color theory, and a list of quick drawing tips for artists.

The elements of art
An "in-depth" look at the elements of art and other art fundamentals including the principles of art.
The Interactive Color Wheel
Learn color theory with the interactive color wheel. Learn how each color relates to the others on the color wheel, learn their designations, and color schemes variations.
Drawing Tips
Learn ten important tips for drawing. Keep these in mind and your drawing will immediately improve.


The elements of art are the basic building blocks for creating art. They are the foundation in which all great works are built. Great artists masterfully use the elements in their work consistently and deliberately.  This mini course looks at each element.  (7 Modules) (For Members)

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Product vs. Process

There is a debate among art instructors regarding process vs. product. There are those that believe that the most important factor in art creation is the finished product.  For this reason, these instructors teach a formulaic approach to art-making.  Often, when this approach is taken, the fundamentals of art are overlooked and are not taught during the process.

It is my belief that process should be emphasized when teaching.  Quality product is the result of sound foundational teaching.  This is the approach that I taken in my years in education and have found great success in approaching my instruction in this manner.

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