Watercolor and pen and ink architecture

Watercolor and Pen and Ink - Excerpts from Live Lesson


Combining Watercolor and Pen and Ink

Watercolor and pen and ink, when combined, can result in beautiful imagery. The marriage between these two mediums has been used for countless subjects throughout history.  Architecture makes a particularly good subject.  The video tutorial featured on this page consists of excerpts taken from a recording of two live lessons that aired in the membership section on February 6 and 13, 2013.  To see the full lessons (2 hours) visit watercolor and pen and ink live lesson (members video)

I was first introduced to the combination of watercolor and pen and ink when I took art lessons from an art teacher as a middle school student.  I instantly fell in love with the combination. Always detail-oriented, the pen and ink provided control, while the watercolor provided looser applications of color.  While my focus in art making has changed over the years, I have never lost that connection with this combination of media. 

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Imagery produced with this combination has a decidedly illustrative feel to it.  While some in the art community may shun illustration, others appreciate the informative works.

Apply Ink or Watercolor First?

When I was first taught combining watercolor and pen and ink, I was encouraged to begin with the pen and ink drawing, and then fill in the watercolor painting on top of it.  While many approach the combination in this manner, I have found that have better success starting with painting - adding details with the ink after the paint has dried. In my opinion, the ink is bolder when it's not muddied by watercolor applications on top of it.  Everyone is different, and I suggest that approach the order in which you apply the medium in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

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