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Teach the Elements of Art

I created "The Elements of Art - Teacher Pack" to provide teachers with solid presentation materials that simply make sense.  Each presentation (PowerPoint and Keynote) is straight forward and easy to follow and understand.  Each lesson includes corresponding handouts that follow the presentation directly and are offered in PDF format. Each lesson is designed for continuity so that students grasp the concepts and are interested in the material.  Here's what's included... 

Teach the Elements of Art "Line" - 8 slides / 3 pages

  • Definition of line
  • Contour
  • Cross Contour
  • Line Quality

"Shape" - 13 slides / 4 pages

  • Definition of shape
  • Geometric and Organic
  • Positive and Negative shapes
  • Drawing with shapes

"Form" - 13 slides / 4 pages

  • Definition of form
  • Geometric and Organic Forms
  • Creating the illusion of form
  • Highlight, midtone, core shadow, cast shadow, reflected highlight

"Value" - 13 slides / 5 pages

  • Definition of value
  • Value scale
  • Tints and shades
  • Highlights and Shadows
  • The illusion of light

"Space" - 29 slides / 11 pages

  • Definition of space
  • Overlapping, size, placement of objects on a surface, detail, color and value
  • One Point Perspective
  • Two Point Perspective

"Texture" - 10 slides / 3 pages

  • Definition of texture
  • Simulated and invented texture
  • Illusion of texture through value

"Color" - 28 slides / 8 pages

  • Definition of color
  • Color theory including the color wheel, color values and color schemes
  • Tints and shades
  • Complementary, monochromatic, split-complementary, analogous, warm, cool, color triad, and tetrad

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All of the package contents are downloaded in a compressed ZIP file and include PowerPoint and Keynote versions of the presentations as well as PDF handouts. 

As a bonus, I'm also including a stand alone version of The Interactive Color Wheel in HTML and SWF formats to help teach color theory.

The Elements of Art - Teacher Pack is available to members.  Members can download the package here

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Elelments of art Teacher Pack

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