Here you'll find a listing of courses, programs, tools and materials, and resources that I recommend. I created this page because I receive tons of questions about what products I offer or recommend.  I will continue to add to this page as I come across great products or materials.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, at no additional cost to you - I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase.  I have experience with these products and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful.


Courses / Programs

Membership at
Gain access to over 350 videos, Live Lessons, every course (The Secrets to Drawing, Pastel Landscape Mastery, Oil Painting Master Series, The Colored Pencil Course, and The Watercolor Workshop), eBooks, The Ultimate Lesson Plan and more for a modest yearly fee.
The Secrets to Drawing Video Course (Stand Alone)
"The Secrets to Drawing" video course as a stand alone product.  Over 5 hours of video instruction and 26 eBooks on the core concepts of drawing. (This course is included with membership)
The Colored Pencil Course (Stand Alone)
"The Colored Pencil Course" as a stand alone product.  Over 5 hours of video instruction and 21 eBooks on drawing with colored pencils. (This course is included with membership)
Oil Painting Master Series (Stand Alone)
"Oil Painting Master Series" video course as a stand alone product.  Over 3 hours of video instruction and 19 eBooks on basic oil painting techniques and processes. (This course is included with membership)
Pastel coursePastel Landscape Mastery (Stand Alone)
The "Pastel Landscape Mastery" video course as a stand alone product.  Over 3 hours of video instruction and 14 eBooks on drawing landscapes with soft pastels and oil pastels. (This course is included with membership)
Watercolor courseThe Watercolor Workshop (Stand Alone)
"The Watercolor Workshop" video course as a stand alone product.  Over 4 hours of video instruction and 18 eBooks on basic watercolor painting techniques and processes. (This course is included with membership)


Guides / Infographics / Comparison Charts

How to choose the right paint brushThe Ultimate Guide To Paint Brushes
Everything you need to know about paint brushes. Brush hair types, shapes, marks, and parts are all covered in this video, comprehensive guide, and infographic.
Colored Pencil ComparisonThe Colored Pencil Comparison Chart
A thorough comparison of colored pencil brands across all levels and factors - price, quality, and skill level.
Drawing Pencil Comparison ChartThe Drawing Pencil Comparison Chart
A thorough comparison of graphite drawing pencil brands across all levels and factors - price, quality, and skill level.
Drawing PapersAll About Drawing Papers
A guide that looks at the various surfaces for drawing with different media and techniques.
Is my art finishedAm I finished?
A guide that helps answer the question, "Am I finished?"

Drawing Books

Drawing Course - Charles Bargue and Jean-Léon Gérôme
This book is the classical drawing course developed to teach the concepts of observational drawing.  Complete with drawing exercises and examples, this book/course will equip you with the knowledge to create masterful drawings.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
This book changed my life and my outlook on drawing.  This book explains a bit of the science behind why anyone can draw and trains your brain to see as an artist.
Rapid Viz: A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas
This book provides several strategies for drawing quickly and includes a lot of exercises to help you expand your drawing abilities.  It should be considered more of a workbook than a resource book.  I absolutely love it.
The Best Books For Learning How to DrawThe Best Books For Learning How to Draw
A few books that have helped me along the way.

Highly Recommended Materials

General's Layout Pencil
This drawing pencil features a darker but stronger lead.  It produces marks similar to a 4B pencil, but retains a sharper point for a longer period of time.  My favorite pencil for drawing.
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Prismacolor Premier colored pencils deliver rich colors with a creamy, wax-based binder that are easily layered and mixed.  By far, these are my favorite colored pencils.
Rembrandt Pastels
Rembrandt soft pastels are rich and vibrant, layer easily, and are less powdery.  Although expensive, these pastels provide the best painting experience by far.
Strathmore Bristol Paper
Bristol paper is a heavy paper with a smooth surface that is great for pencil drawing as well as drawing with colored pencils.
Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper
Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper comes in a variety of tones and features a heavily-textured side and a less-textured one.  This paper is great for pastels, charcoal, or colored pencils.
Essential Drawing Tools for Beginners10 Essential Drawing Tools For Serious Beginners
A list of ten drawing tools that no artist should be without.

Photo References

Photo ReferencesMy Collection of Photo References for Drawing and Painting
Photo references that are free to use for practicing your drawing and painting skills.  A variety of subjects are covered including still life, landscape, and people.

Resources for Teachers

Lesson Plans for ArtThe Ultimate Lesson Plan
“The Ultimate Lesson Plan” is a complete classroom solution for art teachers that includes lesson plans, videos, handouts, quizzes and more. (Included with membership.)
The Elements of Art Teacher Package
Presentation materials for teaching the elements of art that include PowerPoint and Keynote presentations and handouts. (Included with membership.)
Color Wheel ChartColor Wheel Charts for Teachers and Students
Download and print color wheel charts for use in your classroom.

Resources for Marketing Your Art

How to market and sell your artA FREE Guide to Marketing and Selling Your Art
Confused on how to sell your art online? This complete guide will walk you through the entire process and includes strategies for marketing your art through social media channels.
A FREE Guide to Building Your Own Portfolio Website Step by Step
When you're ready to build your own portfolio website (and every serious artist should have one), this tutorial makes it easy. Just a couple of clicks and your website is hosted on your own domain.  I created this tutorial that walks you through all of the steps of building your own site (without any coding).

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