The Watercolor Workshop – Introduction and Materials

The Watercolor Workshop: Introduction and Materials

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The Watercolor Workshop – Introduction and Materials — 31 Comments

  1. Very good so far as I expected .Loking forward to more. Thank you. Consider a course as you are doing for water color with Pastels and also pastel pencils. Again thanks.

  2. These lesson are great! When I save the ebook, I rename it by putting a 1 or 2, etc in front of the name so they sort in my computer’s folder. So “WCWIntroductionandMaterials1” becomes “1 WCWIntroductionandMaterials1”.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised and excited when I called for help with my login today that I actually got to talk to you in person over the phone, instead of a recording. I have looked all over the internet for a course to teach art. Yours is by far the best in virtual instruction, videos, books and now I add Human resources that I have ever found and especially for the price. Thank you Matt for all you do!!!!!

  4. Hi Matt, I’ve been meaning to get back to The Virtual Instructor after a bit of an absence. I’ve been exploring water colours lately, and now I’ve found your water colour course! I’m so excited about it

  5. i’m finding ebay a great source for art supplies look for free shipping of course. i just paid $8.00 total for prismacolor premier 12 pak color pencils derwent inktense 24 for $23.20 it’s hard for me to go out and shop in a wheelchair. so ebay works great.

  6. Hi Matt: So far so good. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the materials identified, I was expecting that I would need to go out and buy more expensive and harder to obtain materials. The ones in your description I already have, and can easily obtain in the area I live. Art materials can be very expensive, and the the ones you show are reasonably priced, and I am already use to using. That impressed me!

  7. Looking forward to this course. Looks like that this originally started in 2014 so therefore your courses are always relevant even 5 years later. Thanks Matt you are a great teacher.

  8. (Watercolor Workshop) e-book
    I’m trying to download the ebook and it downloads as pdf.html. I won’t have an internet connection next week and i would like this as .pdf. There is not the normal download icon, I’ve had to right-click and Save As. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Clicking on the download button opens the ebook in your browser. From here you can either download the ebook to your computer or print. You can also right-click on the button to download the file directly to your computer.

  9. So much content. Thank you for these. As a first year art teacher for Middle School I especially appreciate the lesson plans for content and logical sequencing. Thanks. As an illustrator I appreciate the tutorials.

  10. Hi Matt I just took the plunge. I’m looking at the watercolor which I’m obsessed with these days! I was hoping to find a section on botanicals. Flowers are what I really want to learn to draw and watercolor. Do you think you will ever have that as a specific topic? Still excited to learn what you have to offer though. I can at least do some field or photo painting of flowers. Thanks , Mandy

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