Portrait Drawing The Smart Way – Introduction and Materials

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Description: An introduction to "Portrait Drawing The Smart Way" and a look at the materials that will be used throughout the course.

Suggested Materials: None



Portrait Drawing The Smart Way – Introduction and Materials — 16 Comments

  1. Hi Matt I’m looking forward to this as it coincides with the yearly program in the local art group.

    If they do not see this I’m well ahead.

  2. I’ve got a few more modules of secret to drawing course and I’m next going onto this one as it feels a natural progression for me from the end of secrets to drawing and I’m looking forward to this 😁
    Then coloured pencil and then pencil landscapes.
    Thank you so much again Matt for these awesome courses and the whole site as I’m going to follow the live Lessons too,so much to do on here which excites me a lot,I’ve not got a full passion for art 🎨 tc xx

    • Hi Cent, The download links are working properly. Be sure that you are downloading from the “SD”, “HD”, or “mobile” options – not the “original file”.

  3. Matt. I joined the drawing group on Facebook and they are way ahead of me. I needed this to bring me up to date. My downloads are working fine.

  4. im so happy too be a member … thank you much ,, your work in gods eyes is fulfilled giving us whom do not have the proper income too fill our dreams . i have disabilities and this is trauma healing for me.. Thanks so much Matt!//

  5. I just want to say thank you Matt. I can honestly say I could never draw anything untill I came across your drawing courses. I went straight into your coloured pencil course and haven’t looked back since . I want to be able to draw a portrait of my late mother which has led me onto this course. Once again thanks Matt, you have given me my confidence and faith in myself and yes! I can honestly say, I can now draw without feeling I can’t (if that makes sense)..xxx

  6. Hi Matt! Just to let you know that my first experience with the download links of Modules 1 and 2 worked just fine. I love your art work. Thank you for sharing your artistic knowledge with me.

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