Pastel Pencils – Carrots

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Pastel Pencils Carrots
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A four-part series on drawing a still life of organic carrots with pastel pencils. Colors are layered and slightly altered from the reference in order to create a more harmonious color relationship. The pros and cons of three different brands of pastel pencils are discussed as each step of the process is demonstrated and explained from start to finish. Four hours of instruction is included with this series.

  • Pastel pencils
  • Canson Mi-Tietes Pastel Paper
  • Paper towel


Pastel Pencils – Carrots — 5 Comments

  1. hi!

    I am not able to download part 2, and 4 of this lesson.2 and 3 show failure to download after they are 70-80% done and the 4th part i was able to download but doesn’t open and shows only 406 bytes dwnloaded

    what do i do?


    • Hi Sumita,

      This sounds like you may be having an issue with connecting with a stable internet connection. The download links are working properly. In the future, send your technical issues using the contact form. The “Lesson Discussion” section is for asking questions and discussing the lesson. Thanks!

  2. Hi Matt, great series. Please could you do more pastel drawings, maybe of animals, people, scenes and ones like this? Iā€™m learning so much and am enjoying moving away from just blending with my finger to mixing the colours together on the paper. I like the painted look of blending this way. Thanks šŸ™‚

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