Charcoal Still Life Part 1

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Learn how to draw a still life of boots in this five-part series of recorded Live Lessons. Various charcoal drawing techniques are explored as the drawing is developed. Learn how to blend and apply charcoal in various forms with a level of control and precision. Every step of the process is explained and demonstrated. Five lessons, each one hour long.

  • Vine charcoal
  • Charcoal paper
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Compressed charcoal
  • Paper towel and/or cloth
  • Eraser pencil
  • Blending stumps
  • Small mop brush


Charcoal Still Life Part 1 — 1 Comment

  1. I love what you are doing with the boot. Don’t let the charcoal get to you. You are helping us see how to use those erasers. I have never used those other erasers or brushes. I have used the Kneaded eraser, but not those other ones. I usually go from light to dark when I am doing black and white. However, because I am self taught somewhat I am seeing another way to approach black and white. Also i have tried to stay away from all mediums but graphite now I won’t be apprehensive about doing charcoal or pastels anymore.
    I might even go back to painting!

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