Animals with Pastels – Dog

Animals with Pastels: Dog

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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll create a representational drawing of a Golden Retriever with soft pastels and pastel pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper.

Lesson 1 - Introduction and Transfer

In lesson one, we'll review the materials used for this lesson series and transfer the image to our drawing surface.

Lesson 2 - Underpainting

In lesson two, we'll create an underpainting using only a few colors. We'll gently blend the colors together to create a suitable base for developing details.

Lesson 3 - Developing Details

In lesson three, we'll begin developing the details by addressing the eye, the ear, and portions of the neck using pastel pencils and pastel sticks.

Lesson 4 - Finishing Touches

In lesson four, we'll complete the drawing by addressing the remaining areas including the collar, face, nose, and mouth.

Lesson Materials

  • Rembrandt Soft Pastels
  • Dark Green Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper
  • Pastel Pencils
  • PanPastels

Lesson Resources

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Reference Image

Finished Drawing

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Animals with Pastels – Dog — 15 Comments

  1. Quick question…I dont have any soft pastels, I have panpastels and pitt pastel pencils, can I use the panpastels for the underpainting instead?

  2. I have a assignment to paint in watercolor a Labradoodle. Is there some class one will take or do you help with the painting? New Student (today)

Lesson Discussion