3 Little Birds with Colored Pencils – Kingfisher with Prismacolor Pencils

3 Little Birds with Colored Pencils
Series 1 - "Kingfisher" with Prismacolor Pencils

"Kingfisher" with Prismacolor Pencils

In this lesson series, we’ll create a representational drawing of a Kingfisher bird on smooth Bristol paper with Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils.


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Lesson 1 - Materials and Sketching

In lesson one, we'll review the materials used for this lesson series and create the sketch of the bird with graphite. We'll simplify the shape of the bird into basic shapes and draw the contours.

Lesson 2 - The Head

In lesson two, we'll begin work adding colored pencil applications. We'll start with the head and work our way down from there. We'll create complexity in the colors by layering colored pencil applications.

Lesson 3 - The Body

In lesson three, we'll continue working our way down the body and address the brightly colored breast of the bird and the overlapping feathers on the back. We'll add textures and shadows after addressing the lighter values.

Kingfisher bird with colored pencils-lesson-3

Lesson 4 - The Branch

In lesson four, we'll complete the drawing by addressing the branch and the talons. We'll pull in a touch of orange in this area to help to harmonize the drawing.

Kingfisher bird with colored pencils-lesson-4
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3 Little Birds with Colored Pencils – Kingfisher with Prismacolor Pencils — 14 Comments

  1. Ok Matt, you can put away the carrot and stick. You have my undivided attention. Pray tell, what two other gems (birds) will you tempt us with?

  2. I’m really enjoying drawing this, but I’m a bit confused about the 90% warm grey/cool grey. In the first video you give the color as 90% warm grey, but in all the subsequent videos you say “90% cool grey.” Which one should it be? Thanks, Matt

    • Hi Penny,

      Both colors are used in the drawing. 90% Cool Grey is used on the body of the bird, while 90% Warm Grey is used on the fence post. I hope this helps. (You really could use either color in either location and the differences would be barely noticeable. :))

    • Thanks, Matt, I must have missed that. Thank you so much for doing these three birds. I love this one and look forward heaps to the two to come.

  3. Thank you Matt! I really love the way you structured this for download. It makes it quick and easy. And, by the way, thanks for giving us access to download these lessons. I have revisited some of the courses since I first joined; I find it is a great way to improve and see one’s own progress.

  4. Thank you Matt! I love the way you teach and paint. Also thank you for giving us access to your lessons. I am keen in joining all your art courses but I have a problem. I don’t have a credit card or a PayPal to pay online. Is there another way that I can pay on instalment basis. My name is Fathima Farhana Rafeek. I am from Sri Lanka. If you can give me an account number where I can deposit the money on instalment basis, I would greatly appreciate it.

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