25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Twenty-Four – Drawing in Reverse

25 Days to Better Drawings: Drawing in Reverse

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25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Twenty-Four – Drawing in Reverse — 8 Comments

  1. Wow. That exercise was both challenging and a lot of fun. I’m just curious… is there a trick to sharpening the charcoal pencil? I used a handheld sharpener (the less than a dollar kind). Each time I came close to having a point the charcoal would break. My tip was a bit flat as I did the exercise.

    Thanks so much for this series of lessons.

  2. Wonderful lesson, wonderful course. After tomorrow’s session, I’m going to sign up for the full shebang. I love your instruction. Thank you, Matt.

  3. Whoa, that was interesting. My drawing doesn’t look much like the reference, and certainly nowhere near as nuanced and detailed as yours, but it does look like a face and I get the general idea. Fun! I agree with Brandy, some pencil-sharpening tips would be great!
    Also a question about blending stumps: do you use new and fresh ones each time or is there some way of cleaning and reusing them?

  4. Hi Matt, I had some knowledge of drawing but your course is outstanding. Since I am kind of designated to sitting with my mother, I went through your course and practiced constantly. This lesson was challenging. My problem was when I used fixative to save the drawing, it got lighter and some parts nearly disappeared.

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