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Hundreds of articles and resources on a variety of art-related subjects and topics. Explore the subjects that are most important to an artist - medium exploration, marketing your art, and dealing with artistic frustration - to name a few. Tips and tricks are also included as well as drawing and painting exercises, teaching methodologies and art philosophy.

The Member's Minute

"The Member's Minute" is a short weekly video that answers your questions, includes critiques of artwork, tips for improving as an artist, and encouragement to keep going. Members can share thier work for critique or learn from the critiques of others. A new video is added each week to the collection of over 150 critiques.

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Weekly Critiques
Forum - Share your art

Share your work with the community of artists on the forum. Start a discussion or post your thoughts. Get support from other artists and ask questions. This community is passionate about art and is eager to support you.

"Can't Thank You Enough"

"Thank you so much Matt for your time and valuable help. I am so relieved that I am not alone with my indecisiveness over when to stop or continue with a picture. Everything you said about learning from each piece of art is so true. And your comments regarding the areas that could be improved were spot on. It’s funny when you invest so much time into something you can become almost lost, too many trees as you said! Having you look at it subjectively was the most insightful, helpful and encouraging gift I have had for a long time. I love learning all I can about drawing and art. It’s a gift I only discovered recently and it has helped me through some tough times. I really can’t thank you enough." - Flora

"I Learn So Much"

"Matt, I love these member critiques. I learn so much from them. I play a little game with myself and try to guess what you are going to say. As I move along my artistic journey I find that I am getting better and better at seeing what could be improved. You are so kind and supportive, but you offer suggestions that really help one improve. And I appreciate members who are just like me sharing their work so that all of us can learn!" -Karen

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