Whole Lotta Changing Going On

When I started TheVirtualinstructor.com back in 2010, I never realized that it would grow to what it is today.  I started the site as a place to hold instructional videos that I had made for my students when they missed my classes.  It all started with just a few videos that were recorded with pretty basic equipment.  The videos were originally hosted locally meaning that the videos had to be small in file size.  I knew nothing about building a website and had to teach myself just about every aspect of the process.  I learned how to use Dreamweaver to style the website, create pages, and upload them to a server.

Here’s what the website looked like back in 2010. (Not that long ago, but in “web years” – ancient history)

TheVirtualInstructor.com 2010

TheVirtualInstructor.com 2010

Late in 2010, I began to realize that other people were visiting the site other than my students.  I realized that I could potentially share my love for art and teaching with people outside of my classroom doors.  I started to put more effort into creating content – adding videos and articles that I thought would help people learn and grow.  I started a blog that same year to go hand and hand with the main website.

Here’s a look at the blog as it appeared in 2011…

TheVirtualInstructor.com Blog 2010

TheVirtualInstructor.com Blog 2010

The site has really grown in the last few years and I’m really fortunate to be in a position to share with others.  To offer more to visitors, I started a membership section so that users could download the videos to their computers in 2011 and began to create “The Secrets to Drawing” Video Course.

Here’s what the membership section looked like in 2011…


The VirtualInstructor.com Members 2011

The site has also gone through some changes including a couple of site redesigns. As I add more and more content to the site, I am always looking for ways to improve the functionally, allowing for users to find content quickly and easily.  A major site redesign took place in early 2012, which included a new look and navigation to the main site, blog, and membership section.

Here’s what the main site looked like in 2012…


The VirtualInstructor.com 2012


And the blog in 2012…


TheVirtualInstructor.com Blog 2012

Recently, I have undertaken a new redesign.  There is a new navigation structure and a more consistent feel to the different parts of the site (main site, blog, Membership section).  I hope that the new layout makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.  There is so much information that organizing it all has been a challenge.  The site (including membership and blog) now consists of over 270 videos, 32 eBooks, and over 370 articles.

Here’s what the main site looks like today…


TheVirtualInstructor.com 2013


And the blog…


TheVirtualInstructor.com Blog 2013

And the Membership Section…


TheVirtualInstructor.com Members 2013

Other Improvements…

Right now, I am in the process of moving all of the videos to an ad free server.  You should notice a quicker load time for videos as well.  So, in the coming weeks, all of the videos on the free site will be ad free!

Moving forward into 2014, I’ll continue to add to the site – adding videos and articles as well as weekly Live Lessons and courses for members.  Some of you have been along with me on the journey for quite a while.  Thanks for all of your support and thanks for being a part of TheVirtualInstructor.com

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